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Q. What type of loans does Instant Pink Slip Loans qualifies you for?
A. These loans are known as Loans on Car Title or Pink Slip Loans, Car Title Loans, Bad Credit Loans,Secured Auto Title Loans and Cash for Car. The loan amount is based on BlackBook value of your car and the terms vary from 12 to 36 months.
Q. Do I need good credit to get a loan?
A. Absolutely not. You can qualify for a loan today, regardless of your credit history. Instant Pink Slip Loans will qualify you for a loan based on the value of your car and your ability to repay the loan. We’re here to help!
Q. How fast is the application process and when can I get the money?
A. We will qualify you for a loan within minutes upon you submitting an application. A great deal of our customers get money the same day. It is very important for you to submit the necessary documents requested by the loan officer.
Q. Do I need to pay off my car first?
A. No. The existing debt could be paid off as part of your new loan.
Q. What do I need to qualify?
A. The most important requirement is to have a “clear” title on your car. Soon after your loan is pre-qualified, you will receive a call from a Loan Processor, who will provide you with a short list of required documents.
Q. What is the minimum loan amount?
A.$2,510 in California, $1,500 in Utah, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico and Arizona.
Q. Can I still qualify for a loan if Iíve lost my job?
A. Yes.
Q. If I want to pay off the loan earlier, do I need to pay a pre-payment penalty?
A. There is no pre-payment penalty on any of the loans.
Q Where does Instant Pink Slip Loans do business?
A. Instant Pink Slip Loans serves the following states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois and Utah.

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